Monday, December 5, 2011

عزيزي الأردن | Dear Jordan

I miss you.

I miss your warm weather and bright sunshine.

I miss your hills and beautiful wadis.

I miss the guy who was always herding his goats on the slope next to our hostel.

I miss my beautiful teachers at Qasid. I miss their spunk, sweetness and smiles--and their patience. Such incredible patience.

I miss how excited I'd get when a cab driver told me I spoke good Arabic, even though we both knew I was terrible!

I miss the adorableness that is Hanin and Nada.

I miss the guy who made my coffee every morning. I always ordered it medium sweet, but he always made it way too sugary! :-P

I miss the toothless Arab Christian mystical man who read my palm in his carpet shop in Madaba.

I miss Haneen and our dabkeh troupe. Except for those uber-hot afternoon rehearsals....

I miss Petra and Wadi Rum.

I miss all the camels.

I miss all the delicious fruit!

I miss the way every day felt like an adventure.

I even miss sneaking sips of water in corners during Ramadan (I know, I know. Totes haram.)

Probably shouldn't admit this, but I miss the cheap cigarettes.

Heck, I even miss the khalijiyyin! Sort of. ;)

Yes, Jordan, I miss you, and I hope I will be back soon. Inshallah. :)

Lots of love,